Aesthetics and care of teeth with dental facets

Aesthetics and care of teeth with dental facets

Healthy white teeth are everyone’s dream, and yet not everyone manages to achieve their desired aesthetic appearance. The problem of tooth discoloration due to nutrition or ugly cracks can be solved with dental facets so that these undesirable phenomena become a thing of the past.

If you want to know the price of dental facets at a dental clinic, you can see them on the clinic’s website. Or even better, check the comparative prices in Eastern Europe: You should know that if you make an online reservation you will benefit from a discount, free consultation, and a free treatment plan.

The advice is not to miss this offer if you have problems with your teeth, because it is always nice to deal with a neat person. A snow-white smile, a perfectly uniform string of teeth – all these are signs that a person is caring carefully. Aesthetics and care of teeth is a process of restoring the appearance and functionality of teeth, as well as the natural beauty of teeth.

Aesthetic restoration services

Aesthetic restoration is necessary for patients, when the color of the teeth changes, if there are cracks and chippings of the teeth, irregular shapes or natural deformations of the teeth, etc. Adhesive dental facets are micro prostheses that render the anatomical shape of the vestibular (frontal) surface of the teeth and aesthetics.

Such facets may be requested at any clinic. In the manufacture of facets, the processing of teeth is carried out only inside the tooth or, in some cases, is not carried out at all. Facets are used to correct the color, the shape of the tooth, to close the gaps between the teeth, in some cases to correct the position of the tooth.

Direct dental facets are made completely by the doctor through therapeutic programming, using a photopolymerized composite material.

As a rule, a single visit is sufficient for this procedure, but if necessary, the doctor can schedule an additional visit to correct the restoration. The life of such a dental facet is 5-6 years.

How to extend the life of a dental facet?

Over time, the material gradually absorbs the dyes, swells, and loses its original aesthetic. The beauty of a facet may be prolonged only by regular professional hygiene procedures at least every six months and by cleaning the work at least once a. Aesthetic dentistry is a modern and comprehensive approach to the treatment of the oral cavity, where the main purpose is not only healthy teeth but also an attractive aspect of the smile.

Dental facets in aesthetic dentistry

When it is necessary to restore the front teeth and not one, but several simultaneously, the dental facets become indispensable – the tiniest structures that are attached to the front of the teeth. Dental faces are either ceramic or composite. If the tooth is severely damaged, and most of the crown is missing, the doctor will suggest a restoration with a ceramic inlay.

Inlays are created in the dental laboratory according to an individual impression. These micro-prostheses are distinguished by the highest aesthetics and durability.

Advantages of dental facets include:

  • high resistance to external factors (does not change color even from coffee consumption);
  • translucency, mimicking natural malt to the maximum;
  • the perfect shape, by repeating in detail all the characteristics of the destroyed part of the tooth;
  • the possibility of contraction, causing the appearance of latent caries, is excluded.